Teaching parents how to talk to their kids about money.

In many households, money is often labeled as a taboo topic. Parents simply aren’t comfortable talking about money with their kids. One great way to start a conversation is to have regular family discussions about the importance of finances.

The Bottom Line

Good money habits don’t just happen—they have to be taught. It’s important to begin educating your kids when they are young which will prepare them to manage their finances as adults.

How It Works


Read the Chapter

Once a month, read one of the 12 financial lessons giving you a sufficient foundation on the topic.


Listen to a Podcast

Listen to one of the <10-minute lesson episodes which will prepare you with questions to ask during that conversation and the likely responses you’ll hear from your child.


Send a TikTok

Forward the TikTok we provide which will set the stage for that conversation in a language they understand- TikTok’ese.


The Money Conversation

Print out our lesson conversation guide PDF which gives you a reminder sheet of all the question prompts you learned about in the podcast.

Everyday activities to teach financial literacy to kids.

You may have experienced the harsh consequences of poor money management at some point in your adult life. It could have been when you fell behind on rent payments or got in over your head with credit card debt. If you want your kids to avoid those same pitfalls, then you need to start teaching financial literacy sooner rather than later.

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