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The Money Talk: It's Not From Trees!

blog conversation starters finances for kids finances for parents the money talk Feb 26, 2024
The Money Talk

You know that old saying, “Kids just don’t understand the value of a dollar”? It's time we turn that around. Let's start with "The Money Talk:" have a chat with your kids about where money actually comes from. No, it's not from the ATM or a magical money tree, but from hard work and employment. Use simple examples like the cost of a candy bar or a toy to explain how much things cost in the real world.

Playtime Economics: Learning Through Fun

Who doesn't love a good game? Set up a mini-store right in your living room. Use play money, or get creative with a homemade cash register. This isn't just fun. It's a hands-on way for kids to learn about buying and selling.

Pocket Money: The First Step in Financial Wisdom

Let's talk about allowances. Giving your kids a small allowance can be their first step into the world of managing money. They'll learn to make decisions on spending or saving - and hey, they're getting a sneak peek into budgeting without even realizing it! It is in the actual spending of that money that they start to learn what things cost.  It’s important that you let them shell out the money and not just pay for it on their behalf.  The more senses they are forced to use in these purchases the better these costs will stick in their brains going forward.

Grocery Adventures: A Lesson in Value

Ever thought of turning a grocery trip into an adventure? Compare prices, hunt for deals, and maybe let them pick a treat within a set budget. It's a practical lesson in spending, saving and understanding the cost of food items.

Saving for a “Thing:” Patience Pays Off

Encouraging your kids to save for something they really want is a fantastic way to teach them about patience and the value of money. It’s not just about waiting. It’s about understanding the effort it takes to earn and save. And of course, it’s an exercise in helping them appreciate how much work goes into each purchase.

Tech-Savvy Saving: Embracing the Digital Age

In our tech-savvy world, why not use kid-friendly financial apps or games? With the rise of interactive technology, there are so many resources that make learning about money both fun and educational.

Smart Shopping: Online and Informed

Here’s a tip: have your kids do some online research on the cost of their favorite toy or game or even their dream college. It’s a great way for them to understand concepts such as online shopping and spending wisely.

To wrap it up, “The Money Talk,” doesn’t have to be scary or difficult. Remember that teaching kids about money is a journey that can be filled with fun and laughter. Your goal is preparing them for a financially smart future. So let’s make these lessons enjoyable and set our kids on the path to becoming savvy spenders and savers. After all, they might just be the ones teaching us about the financial trends of the future!

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