It Makes Total Cents:
12 Conversations to Change Your Child’s Future

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It Makes Total Cents

Take a stroll through your local book store’s self-help section and you’ll notice a void of advice books to build good financial habits in your children. Financial literacy has been a long-ignored subject and the end result has been generation after generation entering adulthood without a grasp of money basics. This eventually leads to unnecessary stress in adulthood and ultimately causes stress leading to health issues.

This is no longer the case. It Makes Total Cents is a short, easy-to-read bite-size guide to help parents end this perilous trend for their own kids. This concise book is meant to be read a chapter per month covering the 12 most important money topics that a child should understand BEFORE they head to college.

“Parents have to take ownership of educating their children about money.”

Tom Henske
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